Come to Birmingham to Escape. Literally.

Tired of the same old same old? Looking for a little escapist entertainment? Maybe you should try, well, escaping. Seriously. Here in Birmingham, escape games have become all the rage. What are escape games? Well, here’s the skinny: essentially, you and your compadres (we recommend playing these games as a team of somewhere between 2 and 10 intrepid souls) are put into a scenario that requires the team to engage in complex problem solving in order to free themselves from a room. For example:

Ah, those salad farm-to-table days! It’s time to get fresh with the Farmers Market Tour!

No place has the “farm-to-table” movement been more prevalent than here in Birmingham. Heck, our chef celebre, Frank Stitt was doing the farm-to-table thing long before it was  even cool. Now, there’s hardly a restaurant in the Magic City that doesn’t make some sort of fresh, locally-grown claim. And rightly so. After all, we live in the heart of the agrarian South, where a hop, skip, and jump from just about anywhere will put you in front of all the fresh produce you can imagine. In fact, by conservative estimate, there are almost 20 different farmers’ markets in and around Birmingham. Let’s take a tour of a few of them.