selection of video games for the young or young at heart. Yummy pizza for a whole group and free suckers after! Good atmosphere. Stephanie M.

Dave s Pizza 1819 29th Ave S 205-871-3283 HOMEWOOD

A pizza joint like none other. This long-standing spot is one of Downtown Homewood s most popular haunts, and with friend- ly service, a cozy atmosphere, draft brews and phenomenal pizza, it s everything you could ever ask for in a neighborhood pizza place. Dave s is my fave. Bryan O.

Demetri s BBQ 1901 28th Ave S 205-871-1581 HOMEWOOD

A landmark in Homewood since the 60s, Demetri s serves up barbeque dinners, thick sand- wiches, salads and homemade chili. Breakfast every day. Order your barbeque sandwich chopped and outside to make it really good. And the onion rings are a must. David N.

Diplomat Deli 1421 Montgomery Hwy 205-979-1515 VESTAVIA

A neighborhood favorite for over twenty years, Diplomat Deli serves classic sandwiches, subs and soups and offers a huge selection of imported beers and

wines. Spacious patio dining also available. For a great lunch, I highly recom- mend a cup of chili and a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread. Simple sandwiches made to order, and don t skip out on the sweet tea with that awesome crushed ice. Brad T.

Dixie Fish Co. 101 Resource Center Pkwy 205-924-3493 BIRMINGHAM

Seafood is a way of life in the South, and Dixie Fish Co. is wholeheartedly devoted to that particular way of life. This menu is chock full of tasty recipes, featuring local produce, craft brews and fresh seafood straight from the Gulf Coast. It s a big space too, so try their on-site

Ain t nothing like the ribs at Dreamland Bar-B-Que. Nowhere.