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Five Points, has been part of the neighborhood for more than 100 years. The fountain sculpture in front of the church, The Storyteller, was designed by Birmingham artist Frank Fleming and conveys the deep Southern tradition of storytelling. The fountain is a favorite backdrop for tourists taking photographs in the area. Five Points is a popular shopping and dining destination, influenced by nationally-renowned restaurants such as Highlands Bar and Grill, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Bottega and Jim-N-Nick s Barbeque. It is also home to a carousel carving school and Charlemagne, one of the funkiest record shops on earth. fivepointsbham.com

HISTORIC LAKEVIEW ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT Developed in the late 19th century, the Lakeview District is named for a lake and other attractions that once defined the former Lakeview Park. Present day Lakeview looks little as it did then, but it has flourished and grown and holds a good quality assortment of restaurants and nightspots. Among the favorite dining rooms in the area are Bettola, with casual upscale fare reflecting

CENTRAL ALABAMA THEATER One of Birmingham s newest non-profit theater companies, CAT endeavors to enrich and expand the region s entertainment experiences through quality professional theater. Through film, one-man shows, storytelling and concert entertainment, CAT encourages creative community involvement. centralalabamatheater.org

EXTEMPORANEOUS THEATRE COMPANY Extemporaneous Theatre Company performs live, improvised entertainment. BIRMINGHAM magazine voted Extemporaneous Best On-the-Spot Theatre 1901-1/2 11th Ave S, extemporaneoustheatre.com

HISTORIC FIVE POINTS SOUTH ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT Founded in 1893, Five Points South is a walkable neighborhood with James Beard Foundation Award-winning restaurants and historically significant architecture. The beautiful Highlands United Methodist Church, the centerpiece of