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Live music is a signature entertainment of the city, with bands performing every imaginable genre. It is impossible to travel very far in the greater Birmingham area without fi nding some very good live music. It is also impossible to provide a list of every performance venue in the region in the limited space of this guide. Here a just a few of the dozens of places you ll fi nd live music:

IRON CITY A popular full service bar, grill and entertainment venue in the heart of downtown. 513 22nd St S, Birmingham, 205-202-5483, ironcitybhamcom

WORKPLAY Recently voted one of Paste magazine s best music venues in the country. 500 23rd St S, Birmingham, 205-879-4773 workplay.com

SATURN BIRMINGHAM The hip, new space-themed venue and bar has a full schedule of indie music. 200 41st St S, Birmingham, 205-703-9545 saturnbirmingham.com

AVONDALE BREWING CO. Live music and local brew. 201 41st St N, Birmingham, 205-777-5456, avondalebrewing.com

THE NICK For decades, Birmingham s dirty little secret has hosted alternative bands on the verge. 2514 10th Ave S, Birmingham, 205-252-3831, thenickrocks.com

ZYDECO A younger crowd favorite with local and national acts. 2001 15th Ave S, Birmingham, 205-933-1032 zydecobirmingham.com

BIRMINGHAM-JEFFERSON CONVENTION COMPLEX/LEGACY ARENA Hosting some of music s biggest names not every night, but often enough to check on. 2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N, Birmingham 205-458-8400, bjcc.org

THE GARAGE Live music usually weekends only, but who needs music when you re surrounded by the castoffs of Antiques Road Show? 2304 10th Terrace S, Birmingham, 205-322-3220, garagecafe.us

GIP S PLACE Mr. Henry Gipson s been having a backyard party since 1952 here at the last juke joint in Alabama. 3101 Ave C, Bessemer, 205-913-2941 reverbnation.com/venue/gipsplace

Live Music in Birmingham

For information on other current live music events, visit birmingham365.org or localbham.com