Experience One Of The South’s Hottest Film Festivals in Birmingham

Every year, before college football becomes a months-long weekend endeavor, the people of Birmingham and like-minded visitors gather together to watch a few movies.

11 Reasons Why The World Can’t Stop Talking About Birmingham

The city feels a new sense of enthusiasm as the accolades roll in. Who doesn’t love a compliment? Even when you know you’re wonderful, it just feels good to have an impartial party tell you so.

Surprising Birmingham

Frankly, we don’t know why anyone would be surprised by appealing locations in Birmingham, but recently Great American Country said they found some surprises here. They mention our “forward-thinking art galleries” and say we’re dripping with Southern charm.

The Zoo Says Bear with Them

An all new exhibit focusing on conservation and welfare is open now at the Birmingham Zoo. The Barbara Ingalls Shook Black Bear Trail is an educational exhibit with two distinct habitats for the zoo’s rescued North American black bears.

Good for Us!

The Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau has received the 2015 M&C Golf Service Award. The award is given annually to CVBs who excel in servicing programs including professionalism of the staff, support with accommodations and site inspections, and serving as a liaison with local vendors.

A Decade of Excellence at Ross Bridge

The years have been kind to Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa, now celebrating the 10th anniversary of its opening. Built to resemble a Scottish castle, the 259-room hotel was the brainchild of the Retirement Systems of Alabama and sits nestled snugly in the rolling hills just outside Birmingham.

The Most Affordable US City in 2015

Go ahead and pay a bundle for a couple of days in NYC. Or dine just as elegantly in what money-watcher Forbes calls “the most affordable city in the US in 2015.

New Phone Tour for Kelly Ingram Park

Birmingham’s historic Kelly Ingram Park, site of civil rights rallies, demonstrations and confrontations in the 1960s, has a new audio tour via mobile phones. In the early ‘60s, the park was Ground Zero for the national Civil Rights Movement.

TIME Bringing Test Kitchens to Birmingham

The nation’s largest magazine publisher, TIME Inc., is moving its food-related operations to Birmingham, where the company is building a food studio with 28 test kitchens, photography studios and a private dining room. With publications such as People, Real Simple and Travel & Leisure, the publisher is renewing its commitment to food coverage through the multimillion-dollar investment.

FIFA Women’s Cup Champions Coming to Birmingham

Soccer is back in the air with Birmingham on the 2015 FIFA Women’s Cup Champions 10-city victory tour. The Americans will play a “friendly match” against the Australian women’s national soccer team at Legion Field on September 20.