Birmingham’s Burger Trail

When it comes to good burgers, Birmingham will never let you down. Our little big city is filled to the brim with burger shops for every price-point and every taste bud.

#BHMnotBHX: Experience Birmingham’s Ultimate Itinerary

At this point many of us have heard the tale of Richella and Ben, the young couple from Birmingham, England who booked a flight to Vegas from the “wrong” Birmingham. Rather than booking their trip out of BHX – the airport in their hometown of Birmingham, England – the booked a flight out of BHM – our airport right here in the Magic City. Little did Richella and Ben know this small mix-up would soon turn into the best mistake of their life.

True Alabama Son Deontay Wilder Never Forgot His Roots

This story was originally published July 26, 2016, on By John Blanchette With three Birmingham fights under his belt – and that’s a World Boxing Council belt – Deontay Wilder has put on quite a show for the Magic City the last two years.

5 Reasons Why We Love Secret Stages

Now in its sixth year, Secret Stages is hardly a secret. Birmingham’s weekend-long festival of musical discovery has grown to become one of our city’s most enjoyable events.

Time Out New York Spotlights Birmingham

Time Out New York, the ultimate guide to the Big Apple, turned its attention to Birmingham this month with a full page of information on visiting the Magic City.

Experience One Of The South’s Hottest Film Festivals in Birmingham

Every year, before college football becomes a months-long weekend endeavor, the people of Birmingham and like-minded visitors gather together to watch a few movies.

A Weekend in Birmingham with Paul Janeway of St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Photo by Kenwyn Alexander St. Paul & The Broken Bones are the biggest thing to come out of Birmingham in ages.

Satiate The Need For Sweet With Birmingham’s Summer Desserts

Southerners love desserts, and we’re talking more than just banana pudding and pecan pie. As a matter of fact, the Alabama State Legislature recently named the highfalutin Lane Cake as the official state dessert.

How Birmingham Put Themselves on the Global Map with the 2021 World Games

The World Games is an athletic event of global proportions. For the most recent chapter in their 35-year history, nearly 3000 athletes from more than 100 countries gathered in Cali, Colombia to compete in 26 different sports.

Birmingham Beer Trail

Craft beer has been heralded as one of the main features that’s helped revitalize our little big city. And luckily for us, there’s plenty of it to go around in Birmingham.