It’s Nice To Have You In Birmingham

If you are a convention planner, chances are you’re looking for a vibrant, affordable, entertaining, and hospitable place to gather your delegates. Well, you’re in luck. Birmingham is often referred to as “the friendliest and most affordable city in the South.” And, while that might not be an official accolade, it’s certainly a believable one.

Hank’s Last Hurrah

Following an extensive $20 million renovation, the 120-room Redmont Hotel reopened last month in downtown Birmingham. It’s a gem of a place and is Alabama’s oldest operating hotel.

Make Your Break to Birmingham

Not everybody wants to go to the beach for Spring Break. Some people want to stay home, and some people like the bright lights of a big city away from home. Birmingham can be just the ticket for all of the above. Take the break in your hometown, if that’s Birmingham, or come see what’s shakin’ in Alabama’s largest city.

Break Up Your Beach Trip with Good Times In Birmingham

With gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather most all year round, the Gulf Coast is a vacationer’s paradise. But if you’re coming from the Midwest, the Northeast, or even further out, it’s tough to fit an entire road trip into one day—especially if you’ll be bringing a couple kids with you.

Top 8 Places for Sports Fans to Visit in Birmingham

What Good Sports Do During C-USA Birmingham is preparing for a deluge of sports fans from around the Southeast who are coming for the Conference USA Championships March 8-12. This is a sports-loving town if ever there was one, so C-USA guests will find plenty to do before and after the games.

11 Reasons Why The World Can’t Stop Talking About Birmingham

The city feels a new sense of enthusiasm as the accolades roll in. Who doesn’t love a compliment? Even when you know you’re wonderful, it just feels good to have an impartial party tell you so.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day #INBirmingham

Calling all lovebirds! Last week OpenTable released their list of 25 Most Romantic Cities in America, featuring Birmingham in the #5 spot. And with Valentine’s just around the corner, we think it’s safe to say love is the air. We’ve rounded-up some of the coolest events for couples happening in Birmingham this weekend, so grab your sweetheart, order those dozen roses, and enjoy!

An Interesting Assortment of Personalities Represented in Birmingham Statuary

Everybody knows Vulcan. He’s modeled after the mythical god of the forge.

Tigers Take Over the Town

News has come down that the Auburn Tigers and the Memphis Tigers are headed to town for the annual Birmingham Bowl game. This is good news.

Holiday Spirits How-To (featuring The Collins Bar)

Some prefer to spend the holiday season roasting chestnuts on an open fire, but here in Birmingham we prefer to spend it with a cocktail in hand. Whether you like it shaken or stirred, on the rocks or dry, we can all agree the key to an excellent night out begins with a trip to one of Birmingham’s craft cocktail institutions.