Liberty Park Sports Complex

Main: 205-967-7009
FAX: 205-978-0227
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4700 Sicard Hollow Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

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Sports Facilities


Number of Fields Lights Spectator Seating Parking Description Parking capacity Field additional information
9 Yes 5,000 Ample 0 Natural turf

Additional Information

Liberty Park Sports Complex features 4 youth softball fields, 5 adult softball fields, 4 soccer fields, and 1 football field.

Field Dimensions: F1-F4 225, F5-F8 300.


Number of Fields: Spectator Seating Parking Lights
9 0 1,500 Yes

Additional Information

5 natural and 4 artificial turf fields

Sideline seating only. Field dimensions: F1 and F5, 100 yards; F2-F4 120 yards.